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TNO, Netherlands


TNO is the acronym for the Netherlands Organisation for Applied  Scientific Research. TNO is an independent and not-for-profit  organisation primarily concerned with the application of knowledge to  improve the competitiveness of companies and to assist governments with  policy matters. TNO?s annual turnover is ¬ 460 million euro (2004); of  which ¬ 80 million from sources outside the Netherlands (mostly foreign  industry and the European Commission). TNO has a staff of about 5000  employees.  

The TNO department Built Environment and Geosciences focuses on  Policy and Planning, Geosciences, Sustainable Transport Systems,  Infrastructure and Organisation, Ecology and Buildings and Building  Structures. TNO can contribute to improved policy development and  decision-making processes pertaining to the combination of space,  infrastructure and sustainable development. Moreover, TNO is a partner in  projects in the area of infrastructure and innovation in construction and in  projects related to sustainable innovation and local systems. TNO also  contributes to innovative logistical systems and transport and traffic  systems. This work involves the provision of logistical solutions to  business so that savings and optimisation can be achieved.