HOMBRE focuses on strategies, technologies and solutions for brownfield (BF) management, that emphasize the positive value of available resources and potential social, economic and environmental benefits. By looking at early signs/indicators and adequate coping strategies, we will address the need to prevent the depreciation of urban, industrial and mining areas. For BF regeneration our target is at finding new uses that will allow generating revenues (directly or indirectly on the site) and wealth (social, health, economic), while maintaining negative impacts to a minimum (environmental, disturbances of noise, odours, aesthetic, traffic congestion, etc.).

Our strategic goal, more dividend from BF regeneration for environment, economy and society, thereby preventing an increase in our carbon footprint, can be specified by the following research objectives:

·  Better understanding why, how, where and when BF’s are formed in order to avoid future BF’s , in different areas in the EU and in three main fields: urban, industrial and mining areas,

·  Better planning and more attractive communication technologies, that allow more holistic appraisal of BF regeneration options and early stakeholder involvement,

·  Better operations, better implementation of state of the art technologies, and development of innovative technology combinations for more sustainable integrated BF regeneration,

·  Better and more creative solutions for long-term land use of current and potential future BF’s.