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Deltares, The Netherlands


As of 1 January 2008, Deltares has started as the new and independent institute for applied research and specialist advice in the field of water, soil and the subsurface. Deltares joins the knowledge and expertise of the former WLDelft Hydraulics, GeoDelft, parts of Rijkswaterstaat /DWW, RIKZ and RIZA, and a former part of TNO Built Environment and Geosciences. The institute employs more than 800 people. Deltares is frontrunner in the development, distribution and application of knowledge for meeting the challenges in the physical planning, design and management of brownfields, vulnerable areas and river basins. Deltares works for and cooperates with Dutch government, provinces and water boards, international governments, knowledge institutes and commercial clients. The departments are:
  • Soil and Groundwater Systems. Wide experience in projects focused on risk based sustainable management for areas from the scale of single contaminated sites to large river basins.
  • Geoengineering. This department focuses on creating geosolutions. It is the use of soil and earth as materials to build on and construct with including the role that the subsurface has in the behaviour and interactions with infrastructure and buildings.