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Projektgruppe Stadt+Entwicklung, Ferber, Graumann und Partner, Germany


The PROJEKTGRUPPE STADT+ENTWICKLUNG; Ferber, Graumann und Partner is a independent private consulting and planning company. The activities for local and regional clients in the context of Eastern Germany are particularly important in the fields of urban renewal and brownfield reclamation. Planning and design is equally important as the economic viability and technical realisation itself.

Stadt+ was founded in 1997 by planners from different disciplines bringing together their manifold experiences. Actually, the staff is formed by architects, town and regional planners and auxiliary staff. In its work, the objective of Stadt+ is to find solutions which are practical, far-sighted as well as innovative. Therefore problems cannot only be treated isolated but a broad integrative approach is necessary. The different stages of finding integrating solutions and concepts have to be synchronised with political decisions-making and technique.

On the scientific level Stadt+ have been involved in national research projects for the European Union (CABRNET, RESCUE, CircUse..) and the Ministry of housing and Urbanism and the Federal Environmental Agency.Stadt+ is responsabel for the scientific management and evaluation of the EU Brownfield redevelopment scheme for Saxony since 2007 - 2013.