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CEN Workshop in HOMBRE

A CEN Workshop is a platform offered by the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) to elaborate a consensus document with agreed positions concerning a certain defined issue, the “CEN Workshop Agreement".

HOMBRE has decided to elaborate a CEN Workshop Agreement on a shared glossary of terms for dealing with brownfield regeneration. HOMBRE hopes that this activity will be shared by several other European projects with related research interests to provide a common terminology between them to facilitate communication and discussion, and also to avoid end-users being faced with different terms from different projects. Ideally, HOMBRE would also like to go further and link this terminology to equivalent or comparative definitions from related communities, such as spatial planners to ease the mutual understanding.

HOMBRE’s principal interest is to better communicate the concept of “circular land use management”, an integrative, strategic and governance approach. Its aim is to primarily and systematically seek to exploit the potential to develop existing building sites and reuse derelict land. This concept will provide a frame and the background for the glossary of terms

The Kick-off meeting of the HOMBRE CEN Workshop will be held on 28th August 2013 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

After the kick-off meeting the workshop will work predominantly electronically, i.e. in addition to an exchange by e-mails, online meetings will be held - to ease communication and input and to save time and travel expenses.

Please feel kindly invited to join and contribute to the development of the HOMBRE CEN Workshop Agreement!