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The European Court of Auditors Make Far Reaching Recommendations for Brownfields Management

The European Court of Auditors have recently published a review of how well EU Structural Maesures have supported brownfields regeneration.

As a result of this they have made some far reaching recommendations:
* Remediation results should be certified by a competent authority or accredited body;
* Member States should consider setting up brownfield regeneration strategies including registers of brownfield or contaminated sites;
* Interim re-use fo brownfields should be more often considered
* Funding needs should be more clearly scrutinised, taking particular care to uphold the polluter pays principle, and to clawback above expected income
* The establishment of EU standards for the definition of contaminated sites, their risk assessment and risk management targets

Link: http://eca.europa.eu/portal/pls/portal/docs/1/22042779.PDF